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  • Rent A Dialer starting at 818 BDT

  • Purchase A Dialer starting at 5721 BDT

  • EMI A Dialer starting at 1634 BDT




  • Rent A Dialer starting at 4087 BDT

  • Purchase A Dialer starting at 5721.58 BDT

  • EMI A Dialer starting at 1634.74 BDT


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Avyukta Intellicall: Yes, but only once the commercials are frozen, Please select the model and click on order, or find the Demo Request Form
Avyukta Intellicall: Click here to download the Dialer Snapshots, Please put the password as dialerindia123 once prompted
Avyukta Intellicall: We try to keep our prices as low as possible and try to be the best value for money vendor across the globe if not the best yet, Due to the huge VoIP traffic and Cloud infrastructure that we have , we are able to get bulk orders on better rates from Tier 1 Suppliers on a win win model and then suffice clients expected techno commercial levels on a win win at the same time , Years of such perseverance with working slightly above BEP levels gives us an opportunity to eat major market share by the end of 2014 without compromising on QOS Parameters. As far as negotiations are concerned it is inversely proportional to the volume and the hours consumed with support since HR is not only our major strength but cost as well , We are working on a system where a there is a “One Week ‘Voice + Chat’ Support and then ‘Chat Only’ Support is offered to offer further competitive pricing.
a) No Blame Game with single vendor coordination under one roof b) A/A+ Grade VoIP with Premium Data Center based Cloud Servers c) 120 second TAT for Support, Live PD Calls within 2 Hrs d) 15 Top-level asterisk engineers available 24X6 with complete escalation matrix or 72 hr money refund policy ( pro data basis ) e) 195+ Live reference Call Centers in 9 Countries, Free Webinar / Demo f) Last but certainly not the least “ Lower than your lowest bidder “
Avyukta Intellicall: We use 3 categories of the Dialer Solution, We are one of the unique vendors who procure both Hardware-based and Software-based Dialers, Hardware-based Solutions are suggested to centers with more than 80 Seats for cost mitigation reasons, However, the feature list can be found here, See the Feature list.
Avyukta Intellicall: Customer Information Form Pre Installation Check List- International Call Center Pre Installation Check List- DomesticCall Center

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